Anti-Trafficking Trips


Do you have a passion for helping women around the world know they are deeply loved by God?

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Women's Mission Trips


Join a group of women on a journey of reflection, pilgrimage, community, and diving deeper into the heart of Jesus.

Be part of what God is doing to set women free from human trafficking, whether that is working with rescued women or sharing hope with those currently working in the Red Light District.


Share God's restoration and hope while hosting Beauty for Ashes retreats for women throughout the world.  

Thailand, July 2017Thailand, Oct. 2017Philippines, Sept. 2017Gainesville, Oct. 2017Vietnam, June 2017Costa Rica, July 2017Zambia, August 2017Colombia, Sept. 2017Cuba, Oct. 2017Gainesville, Oct. 2017Guatemala, Oct. 2017Spain, Sept. 2017Scotland, Sept. 2017Italy, Oct. 2017Philippines, Sept. 2017